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Monday, December 19, 2011

Instant Hot Cocoa Mix & Mocha

I have a Christmas season favorite.  Though it is a favorite, I haven't made it in years.  My friend, Shanee, and I used to make it every year.  We'd package it up, inside decorative holiday cups complete with chocolate spoons! 

Hot Cocoa Mix
adapted from our original mix recipe
Shanee & Sherry

Ingredients -

4 c dry milk
1 1/2 c granulated sugar
1 c dry creamer
1 c cocoa
1 (small - 3.4oz) pkg instant chocolate or vanilla pudding mix

Directions -

Mix all ingredients well in a very large bowl. 
  • To prepare a cup of hot cocoa - put 1/3 c mix in a mug, add boiling water (about 6-8 oz) to the top and stir. 
  • To make it mocha - add 1/4 c + instant coffee to the mix. (I ran the coffee through our small food processor to make it fine like the rest of the ingredients)
Serves about 21
Calories per serving -
 116 if using chocolate pudding mix
 114 if using vanilla pudding mix
 118 if you make it mocha & are using the chocolate pudding mix


making chocolate spoons

a little baggie inside cup with 1/3 c mix

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