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Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Charged Skandi Shake

A friend of mine started making this for her son.  He gained 4.4 lbs. in 9 days.  So, here's the recipe courtesy of Sharsti.  Enjoy.

Super Charged Skandi Shake

Ingredients -
Scandishake (440 cals)
8 oz half & half (321 cals)
4 T peanut butter (376 cals)
2 T nutella (200 cals)
5 double stuff oreos (350 cals)
1/4 c regular ice cream (68 cals)

Directions -
Blend together until smooth. Can add ice cubes to keep cool.

One serving shake - 1,755 calories

1 comment:

  1. I never thought of using half and half instead of milk but that's a great idea! Add a TSP of olive oil for an easy 100 calories, and kids never notice it with the rest of the stuff in there... I make my shake with 1 packet of scandi, 8oz of whole milk, 1 packet of carnation instant breakfast, tsp of oil, ice cream, and chocolate syrup if it's a chocolate shake...